The Puzzle Rooms

Puzzle, because as an editor you connect seemingly random pieces of footage to build a cohesive picture. 

In these 2 Suites we will help you transform your footage into your desired vision. Our seasoned editors have logged many hours, they're fast, knowledgeable and have worked on everything from commercial spots to feature films. Knowing the editing process can be long and often intricate, client comfortability is important to us. With that in mind, we have handcrafted our suites giving each room a personality and a vibe that provides a creative atmosphere for your project no matter the length. 

We are equipped with Mac computers, both suites have FCPX, Adobe Premier, Davinci Resolve editing software and a 55 inch 4k monitor.   




Yes you can rent either suite if you have a project that you are looking to edit without a staff editor.